Play 'Making History', Molten Sulfur's Upcoming RPG, at Gencon!

I’ll be running four games at Gencon 2018, all from the next Molten Sulfur Press book: Making History. If you’ve enjoyed the content on this blog, you will love these games. Sign up and come play! Making History is a collection of historical one-shot RPGs. Each includes a single-session adventure, six pre-generated characters, and a super-easy rules set designed specifically for that game.

Descriptions and links follow:

Norse Ivory. It’s 994 A.D. You play as Normans, descendants of Vikings who settled in France. In the generations since, you traded Norse language and gods for Christianity and Old French. Now your duke has sent you north to the frozen land of your pagan ancestors. Expect no joyous homecoming. A game about heritage and faith. Game ID: RPG18130670

A Killing in Cahokia. In the year 1100, the Mississippi river valley was dominated by a powerful Native American kingdom. Its mound-bedecked capital, Cahokia, was a stone age city larger than London at the time. You are detectives investigating the murder of a Cahokian priest, but will get pulled into something much bigger. A game about the tradeoffs of civilization and who gets to decide what form a society should take. Game ID: RPG18130654

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Darken Ship. As junior sailors aboard a U.S. warship, you awake to find you’re alone on a vessel that should carry 3,000. As you explore the dimly-lit passageways, you will uncover clues about what’s going on, and may even save the ship. May. A military game with strong horror elements. Game ID: RPG18130371

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The Snitch. In the Prohibition era, bootlegger turf wars raged across the cornfields and coal mines of ‘Little Egypt’ in Illinois. Someone in your gang is secretly working for your rivals. Relive a heist that went terribly wrong and ferret out the snitch! A game about bad people who make bad decisions. Game ID: RPG18130598


Everyone needs content for their RPG campaigns: adventure hooks, puzzles, NPCs, political machinations, combat encounters, and adventure sites. That’s what this site provides! I draw RPG content from real-life fact and folklore, then give advice on how to adapt it to your fictional campaign. I believe content that is grounded in reality (however fantastical) is richer and more vibrant, and your players will appreciate the difference.


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