Nominated for an ENnie!

I was astounded to discover this morning that the Molten Sulfur Blog has been nominated for the 2019 ENnie Award for Best Online Content. The ENnnies are the highest-profile awards in the tabletop RPG industry, so suffice to say that I am FREAKING OUT.

Voting for the winner will go live on July 10th. I’ll link to the voting form when that happens, so maybe you will consider voting for me if it’s not too much of an imposition to ask?

You should check out this year’s other nominees for Best Online Content!


Everyone needs content for their RPG campaigns: adventure hooks, puzzles, NPCs, political machinations, combat encounters, and adventure sites. That’s what this site provides! I draw RPG content from real-life fact and folklore, then give advice on how to adapt it to your fictional campaign. I believe content that is grounded in reality (however fantastical) is richer and more vibrant, and your players will appreciate the difference.


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